Black Tourmaline - Ruby's Minerals
Black Tourmaline - Ruby's Minerals
Black Tourmaline - Ruby's Minerals

Black Tourmaline

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Mined- Connecticut, USA

Black Tourmaline is one of (if not) the best gems for protection and grounding. This gem centers and stabilises the energy bodies and casts a shell like protection around the Auric field. This makes it great in areas you feel overwhelmed or uneasy. Black Tourmaline deters and dispels negative energies like no other, and works quickly to cleanse any space of ick. Resonating with the root chakra this gem also loves to bring forward new waves of confidence and trust in oneself. Black tourmaline also blocks electromagnetic smog, so makes a great companion in everyday life, and especially for those working with electronics.

Black Tourmaline is a silicate based mineral with a Mohs hardness of 7-7.5. While this gem is pretty hardy, there are a few tips for its care.  Due to the way tourmaline often forms it can be a little brittle, it isn’t uncommon for it to shed smaller fragmented rods (this may occur during shipping). Black tourmaline is also prone to rapidly heating when exposed to sunlight due to its colour, which can compound the above issue. So it is best to keep this gem in its own space, away from direct sunlight. Opt to use a soft bristled brush to dust, and avoid water exposure.

This piece weighs in at 151.8g, is 77mm tall, 41mm wide and 31mm thick.