Grape Agate Cluster - Ruby's Minerals
Grape Agate Cluster - Ruby's Minerals
Grape Agate Cluster - Ruby's Minerals

Grape Agate Cluster

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Mined- West Sulawesi, Indonesia

Grape agate is a calming and tranquil stone, that promotes inner stability, balance and understanding on all levels. Like a warm hug this stone gently comforts and protects while enabling you to find your self and your power. Promoting confidence, self trust and faith in your decisions this stone can help you reach your fullest potential without being to pushy about it. This gem evolves with you, almost like you both simultaneously level up once you have achieved a goal or aspiration, grape agate helps you understand where to place your next step. Said to be a stone that facilitates deep and intense meditation, intuition and invites dreams and luxuries into ones realm of being.

Grape agate unlike its trade name may suggest is not technically an agate, but a botryoidal variety of Chalcedony. This gem has a Mohs hardness of 6.5-7, which makes it pretty hardy. While this is the case due to this gems formation there are some tips for its care. As grape agate has a botryoidal (spherical) formation, there are some narrow touch points between spheres, which can be prone to breakage if knocked. So this gem should be placed in a safe space, where it is unlikely to be bumped, knocked or assaulted by other gems.

This piece weighs in at 349.8g, is 142mm tall, 68mm wide and 42mm thick.