Lepidolite Point - Ruby's Minerals
Lepidolite Point - Ruby's Minerals

Lepidolite Point

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Mined- WA, Australia | Crafted- WA, Australia

Lepidolite is ready to help you softly activate and align your physical, mental and spiritual fields. This gem allows its user to connect and deeply understand the world around them, aiding growth and personal change. You have to start somewhere and lepidolite helps us recognise when and where that first step to change is, jumpstarting you’re desire to blossom into your authentic self. Through all of this, this gem is like one big chill pill that allows its user to simply go with the flow. By understanding what is happening you are able to deal with possible blockages as they arise rather then placing them on the back burner.

Lepidolite is a lithium-aluminate potassium based mineral and has a Mohs hardness of 3-4, however due to the formation of this stone it alone wouldn’t stand up to shaping. This piece is rather a combination stone of lepidolite and Quartz, making it a little less flakey. However there are still a few tips for its care. Due to this gems overall hardness it can easily be scratched and can have points of weakness within, so it is best to keep it away from harder gems and out of high activity areas where bumps may occur. It is also best to avoid water and any harsh chemicals.

This piece weighs in at 225.2g, is 113mm tall, 37mm wide and 33mm thick.