Rose Calcite Palmstone - Ruby's Minerals
Rose Calcite Palmstone - Ruby's Minerals

Rose Calcite Palmstone

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The Specs

This stunner was mined and crafted in Pakistan~
This piece weighs in at 89.9g, is 65mm tall, 38mm wide and 21mm thick. 

Metaphysical Meaning

Rose Calcite opens doors for us to new opportunities in our personal journeys. It is a gemstone that helps us reconcile change and see the blessings in our lives. Working with Rose Calcite offers us insight into ourselves, our past and our future. It offers gentle and constant energy, to aid in healing and journeys ahead lead by the heart.


Due to the composition of this gem, there are a few tips for its care.  Calcium Carbonate is a big softie, with rose calcite having a mohs hardness of 3. This means it can be scratched quite easily, so it is best to avoid rough edges.  Calcium carbonate also has the potential to erode in water. So if you must clean this gem, do so with a dry tissue or cloth to wipe away dust and debris.