Serpentine Palmstone - Ruby's Minerals
Serpentine Palmstone - Ruby's Minerals

Serpentine Palmstone

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The Specs

This stunner was mined and crafted in Pakistan~
This piece weighs in at 74.1g, is 58mm tall, 44mm wide and 18mm thick.

Metaphysical Meaning

Serpentine protects the heart, it is a strong force that helps give you an overall energy detox. Like a refreshing and nutritious green drink, Serpentine helps bring about a spring-cleaning for the soul. Its colour reflects the new growth of a forest, and it inspires you to start fresh, helping to clear away any psychic debris left over from the past.


Serpentine is a silicate based mineral, that has a mohs hardness of 3-6. Serpentine is not one single mineral but any mineral that has the generalised composition of. (X)2-3(Y)2O5(OH)4. Due to the composition of this gem it is best to avoid water, opt to use a dry tissue or cloth to wipe away dust and debris.