Tourmalinated Prehnite Point
Tourmalinated Prehnite Point

Tourmalinated Prehnite Point

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Mined- Connecticut, USA | Crafted- Arizona, USA

Tourmalinated Prehnite is ready to make those dreams and aspirations a top priority. This gem links the heart and solar plexus, giving a new love and drive for all you desire. Eliminating doubts surrounding taking that leap of faith, this gem tells you to jump right in. Tourmalinated prehnite also grounds, shields and dissolves negativity within ones space. Making this gem a great stone for manifestation and everyday use.

Prehnite is an inosilicate with a Mohs hardness of 6-6.5. While this gem is pretty hardy there are a few tips for its care. Prehnite is calcium rich, with added tourmaline inclusions this makes for a gem that doesn’t fancy getting wet. Water exposure can lead to expansion in Tourmalinated areas and corrosion of the Prehnite itself. While this may take some time to occur, it is best to avoid getting this gem wet. Opt to use a dry tissue or cloth to wipe away dust and debris.

This piece weighs in at 77.2g, is 77mm tall, 26mm wide and 23mm thick.