White Howlite Point - Ruby's Minerals

White Howlite Point

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The Specs

This stunner was mined and crafted in the USA~
This piece weighs in at 86.3g, is 81mm tall, 26mm wide and 23mm thick. 

Metaphysical Meaning

Howlite brings awareness to the mind. It helps to calm the emotions, the psyche, and one’s energy. It can aid in clearing and calming the energetic pathways so new direction and thought can be received. It can be used to release attachments from the past and assist in processing the emotions from those areas.


Howlite is calcium boro-silicate hydroxide, with a mohs hardness of 3.5(massive state)-6.5(crystalline state). In this form (massive) it is a big softie, so avoid rough edges. Due to this gems composition it is best to avoid water, opt to use a dry tissue or cloth to wipe away dust and debris.