Want to get to know us?

Well, hey there!

You’ve made your way to us, but at this stage we are probably more like that acquainted friend of a friend. You know the one with similar interests, but you just haven’t had a decent convo with, so your relationship is just waiting for that little bit more info. Well, here you are, making the first step to get to know us better. We will run through this as briefly as we can small talk style!

We are an online mineral store with a passion for all things shiny. What started as a hobby and desire to learn all gems have to offer has evolved into where we are today. We are Australia based, but our gems come from all over. We take great pride in that journey, from mines, to shaping, to us. All of our gems are ethically sourced, meaning that they are full of good vibes and good vibes only. To confirm that our gems are coming from an ethical place, we ask for all our channels provide an overview of their practice from salaries to what PPE staff must wear when shaping. We are pretty picky!

For us mother earth is underappreciated, so we show her a little appreciation for the gems she provides by ensuring we are doing what we can to keep her healthy. This includes using 100% recycled/recyclable packaging when we ship out items and asking supply routes to do the same. For our smaller pieces, we use nothing but eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging all the way down to the tape, for our larger pieces we find out bio-degradable options don't hold up as well (for now) and in these instances we opt to utilise and reuse any plastic bubble wrap that our stock has arrived in. We ask that our customers dispose of our packaging properly and re-use anything you can.