Well, that all depends on your newbie’s composition. It can be a little tricky to know what gems need what TLC, we totally understand. Luckily for you we have some good heads on our shoulders and have taken the time to carefully inspect each of our gems for their potential kryptonite. This info can be found while browsing in your desired gems description. From what not to wash with water, to who’s a big softie; we’ve got it covered.



We stock gems from far and wide, but we understand transparency about the origin of you potential new goodies is important. So the first thing you will find in your gems description is its origin, where it was mined and where it was shaped; so you can go on a journey of discovery and get to know your gems adventures before you consider your purchase. We buy direct from mines and outsource shaping/carving to trusted carvers.



Everyone has different ethics and that can cause some confusion. To us ethical means that every step in our gems journeys was done in good vibes. To pass our vibe check we ask that all potential sources of our gems provide proof (photo/video/paperwork) based on the industry. Our breakdown flows as such-

Mining practices-

  • All staff have access to appropriate PPE based on mineral being mined.
  • All staff are of working age.
  • All staff are paid a fair wage relative to their local currency.
  • All staff have access to appropriate tools for mining, transporting and handling the mineral(s) mined, and are trained how to use those tools.

Shaping practices-

  • All staff are appropriately dressed, i.e. enclosed shoes, fitted clothing.
  • All staff are of working age
  • All staff are paid an fair wage relative to their local currency.
  • All staff have access to appropriate tools for cutting and polishing, and are trained how to use those tools.
  • All minerals must be cut and shaped via wet saw where applicable, where not applicable staff must be provided with appropriate masks to prevent inhalation of dust.

Now this may all seem extreme, however for us it is a must. We thoroughly believe our gems cant be filled with nothing but good vibes if the above conditions aren’t being met. We review our sources prior to every order with them to reconfirm they are practicing to our standard of ethicality. There is a lot of trust placed in ourselves and our suppliers and we try our best to make sure every piece comes from a place of love and care. 



That’s a negative ghost rider, our gems come with all sorts of imperfections. Why? Well that depends on what we are looking at.

Fractures- tiny hairline cracks that run through the gem- these often occur in natural gems, its just added character. Other times they can be caused by the vibrations created during shaping, don’t fret your gem still functions perfectly. Think of them like little smile lines that share a story.

Inclusions- spots, odd little bloops of a different looking mineral, discoloration along fractures- these are all natural, inclusions are generally caused by gems getting a little attached to their roomie. Other times there may be some heating going on that alters the lattice structure and those once contained elements just come popping to the surface. Think of inclusions as if you are buying two for one.

Issues with cut- from not so pointy points to a few wonky sides- we don’t discriminate here at Ruby’s, sometimes our trusted carvers have a newbie on their team and that newbie needs training. We don’t care if that sphere isn’t completely round, or that pillar has a wonky side, we are happy to encourage all new developing skills. They are all still perfect in their own way, and a little more unique.



All of our gems are packed and shipped to your door in 100% recycled/recyclable materials. The difference between 100% recyclable and recycled-

Our smaller gems are individually wrapped in HEX paper, wrapped together in tissue paper, placed in a carboard box with paper fill and bio peanuts and taped up with our paper tape. 100% recyclable packaging

For our larger gems we have found (by wrapping and throwing heavy basalt stones) that our HEX paper doesn’t always cut it. So, to make sure your bigger gems arrive safely we save all the bubble wrap that comes in protecting new stock and give it a second life getting you goodies to your door. Now you can always opt to use our 100% recyclable packaging by leaving us a note during checkout; however, we can’t guarantee that they will arrive safely.



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