Amethyst Geode - Ruby's Minerals
Amethyst Geode - Ruby's Minerals
Amethyst Geode - Ruby's Minerals

Amethyst Geode

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Mined- Xinjiang, China | Crafted- Shanghai, China

Metaphysically Amethyst is in short great, however it can be a little devious at times. Being great at both calming the mind and bringing energy to the third eye can be a little challenging to do simultaneously, so if not programmed (told what to focus on) this pretty purple gem may not work as you had desired. So, if you are after that calming, meditative energy and not that fill my brain with info energy, let it know where to focus. Regardless of where this gem places its focus its always got you back in the way of protection, creating a shield great for blocking out those bad vibes. Amethyst works on emotional, spiritual, and physical planes, so is a great beginner stone.

Amethyst is a variety of quartz with a Mohs hardness of 7. Tougher than steel but it has one main weakness: sunlight. If you want to keep this baby pretty and purple avoid direct sunlight; or those purple hues will fade over time. Amethyst gets its purple hues from little lost iron atoms that fell out of the lattice, no biggie. However, this sometimes means that amethyst has a few little iron inclusions that may cause a rusty red colour. This in of itself doesn’t damage the gem however it you notice your goodie has some inclusions, it is best to avoid water, especially if those inclusions run along fractures. The last thing we want is rust stressing fractures, it’s not always pretty and can lead to broken gems and hearts.

This piece weighs in at 504.9g, is 97mm tall, 77mm wide and 65mm thick.