Blue Kyanite - Ruby's Minerals
Blue Kyanite - Ruby's Minerals
Blue Kyanite - Ruby's Minerals

Blue Kyanite

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Mined- New South Whales, Australia

Blue kyanite is ready to turn your introvert thought into action. Linking the third eye and throat chakra this gem helps you voice your desires in order to manifest. Blue kyanite helps clear away any clouding, and opens the third eye, bringing clarity and clear sight of the happenings around us. This gem sheds negativity from ones space and from itself, and encourages its user to do the same.

Blue kyanite is an aluminum silicate, with a Mohs hardness of 4-5. This gem is a little bit of a softie, and there are some tips for its care. Kyanite forms in blades, these blades are often accompanied by other minerals like Mica. Mica is a little flakey at best and has the potential to shed (this is likely to happen during shipping) this is normal, and will not harm your piece; however it is best to avoid constant movement. Kyanite isn’t the biggest fan of water, so it is advised to keep this gem nice and dry.

This piece weighs in at 411.1g, is 133mm tall, 88mm wide and 35mm thick.