Boulder Opal - Ruby's Minerals
Boulder Opal - Ruby's Minerals
Boulder Opal - Ruby's Minerals

Boulder Opal

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Mined- Toompine, Australia

Boulder opal loves to help you communicate effectively and efficiently, like a friendly nudge to make yourself heard; opal wants you to understand your own power. This gem aids in calming the nerves before a big decision or event, paired with its love for facilitating communication this gem sets you up on the path for success. Attuning to the higher chakras this beauty helps bring intuitive thought forward, aiding its user to make their decisions with their best foot forward. Boulder opal will remind you not to dismiss yourself, aiding it manifestation and self-empowerment.

Boulder opal is hydrated silicon dioxide with a mohs hardness of 6, making this gem pretty hardy. While this is the case there are a few tips for this gems care. Due to the composition of this gem, it is advised to keep it out of water; this is due to opal being able to take on more water than the lattice can hold, which can lead to cracking. It is also best to avoid water due to the surrounding iron stone, iron and water don’t mix and is likely to rust. So, we recommend cleaning and cleansing with a dry cloth or brush and using alternative cleansing methods.

This piece weights in at 166.1g, is 73mm tall, 56mm wide, and 34mm thick.