Celestite Cluster - Ruby's Minerals
Celestite Cluster - Ruby's Minerals
Celestite Cluster - Ruby's Minerals

Celestite Cluster

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Mined- Boeny, Madagascar | Crafted- Toliara, Madagascar

Celestite packs a vibrational punch, working in harmony with the crown and third eye chakras. This gem links the higher chakras, aiding in and maintaining a solid channel for guided intuition and allowing psychic abilities to flourish. Celestite is a dream stone, bringing more vivid dreams forward that carry messages from our higher selves. This gem is great for meditation and self work, and aids in alleviating any preconceived biases that may hinder our growth.

Celestite is a strontium sulphate mineral with a Mohs hardness of 3-3.5. Due to this gems composition there are a few tips for its care. Celestite is quite fragile, due to this it is not uncommon for geodes to shed or drop some crystals during transit. Furthermore it is best to place this gem in a position it is unlikely to be bumped or hit, to avoid further shedding. While celestite isn’t inherently water sensitive, due to a geode being comprised of interlocking gems that can often times be cemented together by the clay they form in; it is best to avoid water. Water won’t hurt individual gems, however washing away clay like deposits may make your gem loose integrity.

This piece weighs in at 3280g, is 165mm tall, 120mm wide and 95mm thick.