Desert Rose - Ruby's Minerals
Desert Rose - Ruby's Minerals
Desert Rose - Ruby's Minerals

Desert Rose

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Mined- Arizona, USA

Desert Rose loves to have things feeling fresh and new, removing negativity, stagnation and revitalising any space it is within. Helping with clarity, focus and self expression this gem makes it a great tool for manifestation. This gem is particularly helpful in places you may deal with stress and negativity, like your work space, study area etc. Having desert Rose in those areas may aid in alleviating any built up and developing ick within them. Desert Rose aligns and removes blockages from all chakras, allowing for a smooth energy flow from one to the next. While this gem resonates with all the chakras, it resonates most with the sacral. Pushing you to find that fire to seek and achieve your goals.

Desert Rose is a variety of gypsum with a Mohs hardness of 2-3. Due to the composition of this gem it can be quite brittle, and it it’s best to avoid any contact to water to prevent splinters and fractures that can damage your piece. To clean use a soft bristled brush or tissue to wipe away any dust and debris. 

This piece weighs in at 102.8g, is 58mm tall, 50mm wide and 39mm thick.