Dragon Septarian Flame - Ruby's Minerals
Dragon Septarian Flame - Ruby's Minerals
Dragon Septarian Flame - Ruby's Minerals

Dragon Septarian Flame

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Mined- Itasy, Madagascar |Crafted- Toliara, Madagascar

Dragon Septarian is 3 in 1 with deposits of limestone, calcite, and aragonite all within. This gem is a fantastic grounding tool, also resonating with the emotion center and lower chakras, making it a super beneficial tool to have in everyday and meditative life. This gem will help you stay protected while you navigate your path, while simultaneously allowing you to align and balance your energy. If you are ready for your inner awakening dragon septarian is the stone for you. Facilitating healthy change and instilling trust in oneself this gem is ready to aid your growth. Using dragon septarian helps your emotional body catch up to all the changes you have made and are ready to make, helping you take that leap of faith if you haven’t already.

Dragon septarian is a combination stone, comprised of limestone, calcite, and aragonite, and has a Mohs hardness of 3.5-4. Due to this gems composition there are a few tips for its care. This combination is a little sensitive to rough edges and it is best to avoid water with this gem. Use a dry cloth or brush to clean off dust and debris and keep it in a position where it isn’t going to be scuffed up by neighboring gems.

This piece weights in at 1178.3g, is 136mm tall, 82mm wide, and 82mm thick.