Fluorite Freeform
Fluorite Freeform

Fluorite Freeform

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Mined- Hunan, China | Crafted- Shanghai, China

Rainbow Fluorite is the stone for anyone who needs some mental clarity. This gem clears away blockages and dispels negative energy and patterning. Aiding in decision making, rainbow Fluorite encourages us to lead with the heart. Linking the crown and heart chakra this gem loves to create a balance between our desires and our reality; allowing for new angles and opportunities to make themselves known in the present.

Fluorite is a calcium based mineral, with a Mohs hardness of 4. Due to the composition of this gem, there are a few tips for its care. Fluorite is water sensitive, while brief exposure may not harm your gem, prolonged or repeated exposure to water can cause damage. This gem is also a little bit of a softie, so it is recommended that it is kept away from harder minerals that may cause damage.

This piece weighs in at 95.6g, is 38mm tall, 37mm wide and 30mm thick.