Full Hour Psychic Reading- Email

Full Hour Psychic Reading- Email

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Looking for a reading from the comfort of your own home?
Email readings are a fantastic option.

Here is some information for you from our Psychic-

Hey there! I’m Ruby Scott-Young, a mother of two, I enjoy working with crystals, affirmation, visualisation and doing the occasional spell work. I am also gifted with Clairvoyance, Clarsentience and mediumship abilities and have been working with them reading others for 7years.
If you are looking for an in depth reading the full hour is the best choice.


How it all works-

I work on a guide to guide basis, all information received is from your guides to mine; this allows for a well established connection, bringing an accurate reading. Readings are written out and sent via email. Once you have a booking and time, I will ask for all your desired aspects at the beginning of your reading. Once I have your aspects I will read from them all in one block (the main part of your reading) for approximately 40mins. The remaining time allows you to ask more in depth questions about your reading, or additional questions you feel weren’t quite answered in your main reading


What do I need from you-

All that is needed for your reading is your email address to provide you with your reading. If you have specific questions you can provide them, however it is preferred that you give areas or aspects rather then direct questions. Aspects don’t give as much information away as direct questions; common aspects include relationships, career, finances, family, self etc.

Please note-

I read from past and present situations predominately, my readings are based on fixing your path now to open up future doors; as well as healing, cleansing and Chakra imbalances.
Any future work is strictly within the next three months, as there are so many possible path changes you could make; reading any further would have warped results. With my mediumship, I can only ask a spirit to enter your reading if there is someone you would like to talk to; I can not guarantee they will step forward. I can't force communication, I can ask for it; but it is ultimately up to the spirit to step in.