Howlite Freeform - Ruby's Minerals
Howlite Freeform - Ruby's Minerals

Howlite Freeform

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Mined- California, USA | Crafted- Arizona, USA

Howlite connects the crown and root chakras, opening channels to higher self and maintaining a strong connection to earth. This gem ensures its user doesn’t get stuck, allowing for guided self work that can enable manifestation and achievement. Howlite calms and instills confidence, helping nurture and enlighten its user; this gem has you covered and ensures you have an even pull to earth and your higher self.

Howlite is a calcium borosilicate hydroxide Mineral with a Mohs hardness of 3.5. Due to this gems composition there are a few tips for its care, this gem isn’t a huge fan of getting wet. Water can potentially damage your gem, so it is best to avoid it all together. Opt to clean with a dry cloth to wipe away any dust and debris. This gem is also a bit of a softie, so it is best to keep your piece in its own little spot away from harder gems that may scratch its pretty face.

This piece weighs in at 322.1g, is 93mm tall, 59mm wide and 33mm thick.