Lodolite Point - Ruby's Minerals
Lodolite Point - Ruby's Minerals
Lodolite Point - Ruby's Minerals

Lodolite Point

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Mined- Minas Gerais, Brazil | Crafted- Minas Gerais, Brazil

Lodolite aligns and clears your auric bodies, opens and synchronises the chakras and makes way for new intuitive connections. Lodolite is also know as phantom Quartz, and holds all the properties of Quartz, with a few added extras. With Quartz cleansing and clearing, and with inclusions of chlorite and feldspar bringing grounding and protection; this gem performs in almost any situation. Lodolite holds knowledge of past, present and future and allows its user to tap into that stream, heightening the spiritual senses and bringing a new found security in self. This gem is great in work spaces and during meditation.

Lodolite is Quartz with chlorite and feldspar inclusions and it has a primary Mohs hardness of 7. This gem is pretty hardy and doesn’t come with any specific care instructions. However it is advised to keep this gem out of the sun, not so much because sun can damage but more so this gem can act as a magnifying glass. So if you don’t wish to accidentally turn your belongings into ash it’s best to keep this gem in a nice shady spot.

This piece weighs in at 126.0g, is 79mm tall, 36mm wide and 25mm thick.