Moss Agate Point - Ruby's Minerals
Moss Agate Point - Ruby's Minerals
Moss Agate Point - Ruby's Minerals

Moss Agate Point

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Mined- California, USA | Crafted- Arizona, USA

Moss Agate encourages you to be your true self, shielding from outside influences and judgment is this gems main play. Grounding us and showing the beauty in the natural world this gem works hard to get us back to our roots, shedding any negative masks and patterns that we may have picked up on our way. Moss agate teaches us to appreciate the little things, as they all steam into one bigger picture. This gem promotes stability in what we have in the present, and aids in creating the stepping stones that will have you feeling accomplished on even the roughest of days. Moss agate works with the heart and root chakra, reminding its user to be kind to themselves.

Moss agate is a variety of Chalcedony with dendritic inclusions of manganese, chrome and iron, and has a Mohs Hardness of 7. This gem is pretty hardy, however due to some of the minerals within it may be best to avoid long exposure to water. Opt to clean dust and debris with a dry cloth.

This piece weighs in at 68.9g, is 96mm tall, 26mm wide and 21mm thick.