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Peach Selenite Heart

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Mined- Colorado, USA | Crafted- Arizona, USA

Peach Selenite is just like clear/white selenite with its cleansing and clearing capabilities. With the added bonus of deep grounding thanks to the hematite that gives this gem it’s stunning colour. This gem is amazing for safe spiritual and mental work, allowing its user to delve deep while keeping them firmly rooted to earth; makes sure you have a lifeline incase you get overwhelmed. Peach selenite attunes, aligns and cleanses all chakras, creating balance and harmony within this auric field.

Peach selenite is a calcium sulphate mineral with a Mohs hardness of 2-3. Due to the composition of this gem it can be quite brittle, and it it’s best to avoid any contact to water to prevent splinters and fractures that can damage your piece. To clean use a soft bristled brush or tissue to wipe away any dust and debris. 

This piece weighs in at 101.3g, is 67mm tall, 59mm wide and 23mm thick.