Pink Opal Point - Ruby's Minerals
Pink Opal Point - Ruby's Minerals
Pink Opal Point - Ruby's Minerals

Pink Opal Point

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Mined- Ica, Peru | Crafted- Ica, Peru

Pink Opal opens and activated the heart chakra. This gem is perfect for self healing the entire auric felid. It instills a sense of calm, that allows us to face what needs to be faced, without fear of becoming overwhelmed. Pink Opal strengthens our connection to our inner self, helping us better understand our true power; especially our emotional power. This gem is a warm hug when things feel bleak, allowing us to see that we are more then capable of overcoming the things that may be thrown at us.

Pink Opal is hydrated silicon dioxide with a mohs hardness of 5-6. While this gem is relatively hardy there are a few tips for its care. Being a hydrated silicone dioxide pink Opal holds water, making it susceptible to changes as it’s water content rises and falls. It is best practice to keep this gem in a relatively stable environment, out of the sun, in a cool place within the home. Doing so prevents subtle expansion and subsequent shrinking that may stress fractures within your gem.

This piece weighs in at 88.2g, is 75mm tall, 30mm wide and 24mm thick.