Smoky Quartz Flame - Ruby's Minerals
Smoky Quartz Flame - Ruby's Minerals
Smoky Quartz Flame - Ruby's Minerals

Smoky Quartz Flame

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Mined- Xinjiang, China | Crafted- Shanghai, China

Smoky quartz loves to keep your feet firmly on the ground, facilitating a forward approach to decision making and moving forward along your path. Allowing its user to move forward with a clear and calm mind, this gem brings abundant changes and opportunities. Removing toxicity at all levels, this gem aids in level headedness and offers protection to its user. Smoky quartz also ignites the burning desire and determination to seek and achieve our goals, dreams, and aspirations. By helping its user place their needs and wants as a priority this gem is one of the best tools one can have for manifestation.

Smoky quartz is a silicate-based mineral with a Mohs hardness of 7, making it pretty hardy. However, regardless of its durability, this gem has one main instruction for its care. Smoky quartz isn’t a fan of sunlight for two main reasons. The first being that its colour can be affected by direct UV rays, so it is advised to keep your gems out of direct sunlight. The second is that due to the clarity of smoky quartz, sunlight can turn your gem into a MacGyvered magnifying glass that may or may not burn your house to the ground; so, there’s that. Main take away is sun bad-keep out of reach of sun.

This piece weights in at 542.7g, is 143mm tall, 114mm wide, and 55mm thick.