Sphalerite Cluster - Ruby's Minerals
Sphalerite Cluster - Ruby's Minerals
Sphalerite Cluster - Ruby's Minerals

Sphalerite Cluster

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Mined- Connecticut, USA 

Sphalerite is great for laying down groundwork, activating the solar plexus, sacral and root chakras; this gem helps you act, balance and ground. Aiding it gaining courage to make necessary changes in your life, centering your energy to ensure one is focused, and rooting its user to the ground to make sticking to you path just that little bit easier.  This gem is your biggest supporter, helping you feel confident and believe in your own capabilities; letting you know your dreams are within reach and you can reach them as soon as you are ready. A great stone for those possibly stressful interactions, like interviews, test and study; Sphalerite keeps your energy focused on the task at hand.

Sphalerite is a zinc ore and has a Mohs hardness of 3.5-4, which makes this gem a little bit of a softie. It is best to keep this metal-based gem away from water, and sharp edges. If you must clean this gem do so with a dry cloth, or towel to wipe away dust. It may also be beneficial to have a designated soft bristle brush handy for cleaning any calcite deposits coating this gem, to help remove dust and debris from hard to reach places.

This piece wight in at 1056.8g, is 245mm tall, 97mm wide and 58mm thick